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Julie in Virginia

Your honesty, courage, compassion, and wisdom touch me.

Heather Blakey

The quality of being a detatched observer makes this an incredibly powerful statement. You are inspirational Anne.


A very moving account of strength, courage, compassion and determination. Every woman is Northern Virginia can look to you and know we are safer and closer to the light because of you. --Q in Alexandria


As a survivor, trying to contemplate the paradox of restitution and just how to tally up the "damages" from a crime against my body in a few pages to a sentencing judge, your words inspired me. Thank you for being courageous and for giving another survivor hope of a life free from this terror and pain. I hope to reclaim my life one day too. Thank you.


I just stumbled on your site as I am struggling to prepare my victim impact statement for my first parole hearing. I was kidnapped, held 12 hours and repeated raped in 1986. My assailant received life plus 28 years in prison. I am now preparing to speak at his first parole hearing. I will be accompanied by my husband, the original Deputy District Attorney who tried my case and will also have a letter delivered from the police detective who worked on my investigation. All of these men have worked hard to redeem my faith in humans and men specifically.

Your words are poignant and have really touched me. I know they will help to guide me as I attempt to put into five pages or less the pain and triumph I've experienced over the past 22 years dealing with this event in my life.

Cathy Sisk

I have come to your page while I am attempting to write a compelling victim impact statement on behalf of my daughter who, at the age of 14 was raped by a 20 yr old man whom she knew and believed to be 17. I hope that she and I can one day reach this level of acceptance for what she has gone through...unfortunatly we are not there yet. She is now 17 and we have spent 2 1/2 years in court, finaly getting 2 felony convictions. Hopefully I can find forgivness for him...while he rots in jail. I admire your strength and spirit and will strive to find some of that within myself.

Linda Auen

Ann, what a strong woman you are to have been through such a horrific experience and have found the good in life instead of allowing this man to control and take over your life forever. I am extremely proud of you for turning your awful experience into something wonderful by not allowing him to take your life over!


Very helpful
very moving
Just reading this brings a tear to my eye.
Im helping a friend who was sexually assulted (raped) at the age of 14 by a friend of the family. He has since been sentenced, but is in the process of asking for a pardon due to his medical disability.
the justice system needs to take in to acount that these "bad guys" do not have a place in out society. no matter their age, race, background, disability...they will continue to prey on the innocent victims.

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