Anne Heck

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Constance Lombardo

Thanks for sharing this important message, Anne, and wishing you all the best as you continue on your journey! I appreciate your attitude and your openness.

Jane Valencia

Anne, what a powerful, beautiful, moving post. As someone who practices and constantly seeks alternative healing methods, I can relate to what I hear you saying about shifts in one's thinking that realizing you need other avenues requires. Every moment indeed is an opportunity to open to some new understanding and perception, isn't it. Thank you again!

Anne Heck

Thanks, Constance, for your kind comment. I look forward to having tea when the timing is right. :)

Anne Heck

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jane. I've seen your name on the HoB website. Your work with deer medicine sounds very intriguing. Would love to know where you're located.

Karen Burnette

Thank you Anne for sharing such a deeply personal insight. Your message is so important that it serves as a lesson to all of us. Grateful for your expression.

Glenn Geffcken

Wonderful post Anne. Thank you. I've heard it said that once we believe something we begin to make it true.

Maria Rueda

Thank you Anne for sharing your experience and for the powerful message about our beliefs. I appreciate your courage, your vulnerability, and your wisdom. May you walk in beauty my friend. Maria

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