Anne Heck

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Kathryn hall

Anne -- you traverse this path with great dignity and
Wisdom. I stand with you in the dream
Of greater ease and Movement in your body. I'm not where is like to be in my own, but have also come a long way.


Dearest Anne,

Thank you for sharing with us. This knowledge helps me to connect with and trust you even more. You are a gifted healer. Your pain does indeed bear tremendous fruit.


Thanks for sharing Anne. Your strength and positiveness inspire me. I know you are on a good path and will arrive exactly where you wish to be!


Dear Anne,
Yes, thank you for sharing your vulnerability. I hear your determination to not waste one precious moment of your life. It is hard to bear limitation when the future seems uncertain, but you have great strength of mind and wisdom. Hearing your story reminds me that I too can deal with the adversity of pain and fatigue in a hopeful and spirit enhancing way. Thanks so much,
xo Lisa

Monika Gross

Dear Anne,

Thank you for speaking to us about these challenges from your very thoughtful current perceptions of space and time. You write very clearly of where you are in that ongoing continuum of "better" and "worse", in relation certainly to your abilities relative to what others are able to do.

It leads me to some thoughts now about your struggle to describe yourself as moving with grace and ease. If we perceive our levels of grace and ease on that continuum as well, then we can perhaps perceive ourselves as moving with the greatest grace and ease within the conditions we find ourselves. We are meeting those conditions with our greatest possible subtlety and delicacy, and this at least is something that can be measured only moment by moment. And your abilities and understanding of perceiving movement are much more evolved than many others around you.

These are some of my thoughts today. Perhaps they may give you some thoughts as well.


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